Developer tools
built for professionals

Your time is valuable. HTTP Toolkit gives you instant insight and access into every request & response, with zero hassle. Test clients, debug APIs and catch bugs, all at lightning speed.

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  • Includes all the basic features you need to start viewing & rewriting your HTTP traffic:
  • Automatically intercept all supported clients
  • Inspect and debug raw HTTP data
  • Filter, delete & pin requests
  • Manually rewrite HTTP with request & response breakpoints
Personal user account
/ monthplus local tax, paid monthly
  • All Hobbyist features, plus...
  • Automated HTTP mocking & rewriting including traffic redirection, mock responses, and errors & timeouts.
  • Import/export mock rules, and code or HARs of collected traffic
  • Advanced HTTP debugging and inspection including compression & caching analysis
  • Validation & API documentation for 2600+ built-in APIs, from AWS to GitHub to Stripe, plus your own custom OpenAPI specs.
  • Advanced customization including UI themes, whitelisted & client certificates, ports, and upstream proxies.
  • Support ongoing development!
Team account
/ user / monthplus local tax, paid monthly
  • All Professional features, plus...
  • Centralized billing to simplify payment for your team
  • Licensed to your team, not permanently linked to individuals
  • Centralized control to easily manage your team members and subscription
  • Team workspaces for low-friction collaboration (coming soon)
  • Options available on request:
    • Fixed-term bespoke licensing
    • Private support
    • Self-hosted infrastructure
    • Training & consultancy
    • Bulk discounts
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